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numéro 1 du soutien scolaire en ligne

Corrigé bac anglais LV1 Amérique du Nord 2019 - Myths & Heroes 3

Ton prof de soutien scolaire en ligne te propose ce corrigé de bac d'anglais 2019 donné à Washington.

Pour t'aider à réussir l'épreuve de bac anglais LV1 sur la notion de Mythes et Héros, découvre ce corrigé de bac 2019 donné en Amérique du Nord.

Énoncé de cette épreuve écrite de bac d'anglais 2019

Exercice de compréhension 

Sujet du document C

réussir l'épreuve de bac anglais LV1 sur la notion de Mythes et Héros

Questions de l'épreuve de bac

Questions sujet bac anglais LV1 notion de Mythes et Héros

Corrigé bac anglais 2019

 15. a) What are the most significant differences between the two illustrations chosen to figure on the front covers of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man? Give three elements at least.
- one is a painting/ the other a photo

 -One is fiction, lack of realism/ on the other we have the actual photo of the artist
-The fictional character on the mountain is turning his back to the viewer and he is in a distance/
on the photo the artist is looking at the viewer and he is very close
- The background of the sea, a wild environment is opposed to the familiar environment of a greenhouse.
 Seulement trois éléments exigibles.

b) What is the effect produced by each cover on the potential readers?

Painting: a more fanciful representation of the “artist” is expected; fiction (cf illustration made after the famous painting by Friedrich, The Wanderer above the Sea of Fog)

Photo: the reader expects a more accurate, objective and intimate and perhaps raw representation of the “artist”. (Raw = back garden, unkempt garden >> an uncompromising portrait of the artist)

16. How are the notions of objectivity and distance in biography illustrated in the three documents?
Doc 1: Krakauer tried to be objective but did not succeed as he identified with the biographee and was unable to distance himself.
 Doc 2: The biographer aims to create a proximity or even intimacy with the biographee or emulate “the knower-in-person” (l.7) even if it means being less objective, (a biography should be totally impartial by definition). The biographer here wants to give readers the impression of being close to the person (literary friendship) and to build his/her own opinion about the biographee.
Doc 3: the two covers give radically different perspectives on the writer/subject and reader/subject relationships. The cover on the left conveys an impression of distance and lack objectivity: the painting is not realistic; it seems that the life of the “artist” in question will be a fiction.
On the contrary, the photo on the right suggests that the representation of the life of the artist will be objective and this will create some closeness or even a sort of “literary friendship” with the reader.

Superheroes, Superlatives & present perfect - Niveau Brevet

Comment former et utiliser les superlatifs associés au present perfect en anglais ?

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Quelle est la différence entre "whether" et "if "?

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