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numéro 1 du soutien scolaire en ligne

Corrigé bac anglais LV1 2016 - Compréhension écrite

Val, E-Prof de soutien scolaire anglais en ligne, revient sur l'épreuve écrite de LV1 pour le bac 2016 et vous propose ce corrigé.

Retrouvez l'ensemble des questions à la fin de cet article.

Corrigé anglais compréhension de l’écrit

Document A

Tous les candidats traitent les questions de A à E2

A/ The scene is set in New York

Possible justifications:

  • Manhattan is mentioned in the text and it is a borough/ district of New York
  • The author talks about the Harlem river which is an estuary in New York city
  • Washington heights is a neighbourhood in New York City
  • Hudson Heights is also a neighbourhood in New York City

B/ Characters present:

  • Eddie: he is fishing (l.1)
  • Beck, (the hermit) : he is fishing too (l.10)

C/ The scene is taking place at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Possible justifications:

  • “Several bridges had been recently built across the waters, disturbing the marsh birds”(l.6)
  • “Manhattan was still dotted with small farms” (l.18)
  • “Apartment buildings were rising everywhere” (l.20)

D/ Eddie has noticed 3 types constructions in his town:

Bridges, Apartment buildings, the subway.

  • “The building of bridges has a real impact on the marsh birds as their habitat was destroyed”.
  • “The wildlife was rapidly becoming rare”
  • “this section of north Manhattan was still dotted with small farms”, this means that some farms have disappeared maybe because of the building of the subway or the bigger buildings.

E/ Eddie’s feeling about the changes in the landscape

a) Eddie is upset, disappointed, powerless: “ he knew it would not be long before the countryside disappeared” (l.7). “Eddie joined the hermit in his agitation over the constant building in Manhattan”. (l.19)
b) Beck is also upset and enraged: “his agitation over the constant building in Manhattan” (l.20); “there were those who said he vowed to kill any man who hunted the wildlife that was rapidly becoming rare”. (l.13)

Here are some elements you may use in your answer

Eddie seems to have a more relaxed attitude towards the transformation of the landscape.

Beck, the hermit, seems more aggressive, angrier and he doesn’t hesitate to take action: and “chase intruders off with a riffle”. (l.13)

F/ Here are some elements you may use in your answer

The mood in the text is rather negative as far as the future of the planet is concerned: it is a kind of appeal for recognition.

At the same time there is a sense of powerlessness in the way humans are inevitably abusing the Earth.

G/ The Ritz Tower

  • The architect: Emery Roth (l.4)
  • Opening date: October 1926(l.5)
  • Precise location: at the corner of Fifty-seven Street and Park Avenue(l.4)

H/ Shape of the buildings after the “zoning law of 1926”


I/ “a wedding cake architecture”(l.15) and “ a telescope” (l.25)

J/ Show why the 1916 zoning law was voted

  • “people were concerned by the diminishing sunlight and fresh air in the streets because of the height of buildings”. (l.8)
  • “In the canyonlike streets created by the closely massed skyscrapers of lowr Manhattan” (l.7)

K/ Choices that the architect have after the 1916 zoning law.

a. limit the number of new buildings (l. 9) – (limit the bulk of tall buildings)
b. Limit the height of the buildings(l. 8)
c. adapt the shape of the buildings(l.13-l.16)

L/ Rich people wanted to live in such buildings because:

  • They had a beautiful panoramic view (l.19)
  • They could live in the sky, “ they became sky dwellers”, “their mansions was in the clouds”

M/ “The shoot-for-the –Moon-spirit”:

represents the typical attitude in the 1920’s dominated by a positive feeling. “The anything –is- possible attitude” allows people to imagine and create the wildest project: “the Ritz is the tallest inhabited building in the world” (l.17), quote


Document C

N/ On this document, New York appears peaceful and clean.

On this picture entitled ‘How green could New York city be?’,   people seem calm and relaxed,  going about their everpeaceful and cleanyday life activities. This is very different from what we know New York to be nowadays.  Here the street and the sky look clean and there is even a river with grass growing on its banks between the buildings. We could say that New York has entered a new era, the green era.

O/ The relationship between nature and urbanisation is a complex one.

Nothing is clear cut. There are advantages and disadvantages to the notion of urbanisation.
Unfortunately, we destroy our planet every time we develop towns and cities. Urbanisation has a very noticeable impact on nature.


Documents A, B and C

P/ Here are some elements you may use in your answer.

Doc A : description of negative effects on progress : urbanisation on nature.

Doc B: The author, Donald L Miller, looks at progress in a very positive way and shows the building of skyscrapers as a real advance for humanity. Adaptability with the 1916 zoning law.

Doc 3: a truly positive and hopeful outlook on the future


Corrigé bac anglais expression écrite

Traiter un des sujets suivants au choix.

  1. Eddie finally decides to talk to Beck.
    Write their conversation about the future of Manhattan

Here are some elements you may use in this answer. I will suggest some questions for you to use in the conversation where I will try to vary the tenses in order to gain more points.

  • What do you think of the future of Manhattan? Present&Future
  • How long have you been living here? Perfect tense
  • Do you feel the changes have all been negative for the city? Present
  • What happened to the marsh birds after they lost their habitat? Preterit
  • What was the worse change for you? Preterit
  • Will there be a positive impact of urbanisation on Manhattan, in your opinion? Future
  • What would you do to help the area if you worked for the government? Conditional
  • For you, what should the government do to look after the environment? Conditional & modal : should


Il est essentiel d’introduire un maximum de temps et de structures grammaticales. C’est à toi de les inclure, de contrôler l’écriture de la faire voyager où tu veux tout en incluant les points clés pour montrer tout ce que tu sais en anglais. Il faut utiliser le vocabulaire de l’environnement, bien entendu.




  1. You are Emma/Phil Wilson, an environmental activist. A new holiday resort is going to be built in the middle of a nature reserve. You write an article for Green Living magazine to denounce the problems raised by these plans and to suggest a few solutions.
  • Attention à respecter le format d’un article, avec date, titre, journal, etc.…
  • Il te faut utiliser un maximum de vocabulaire et d’expressions que tu auras appris en étudiant le thème de l’environnement.
  • Il te faudra dénoncer l’impact destructif de la construction d’un camp de vacances sur la nature et sur l’environnement. Mentionne les conséquences et des suggestions pour remédier au problème.
  • Je te suggère 3 parties :
    1) présentation du projet de construction
    2) les conséquences
    3) les conseils et suggestions


  • We are destroying our planet! It is absolutely unbelievable that this holiday company is planning to build a resort in the middle of a nature reserve....


  • The damage will be tremendous and irreversible. Birds will lose their habitat and die eventually....


  • The government should stop this monstrous project and should pass a law to protect all natural reserves...

Traiter les deux sujets suivants

Eddie finally decides to talk to Beck. Write their conversation about the future of Manhattan ( 200 mots +- 10%)

Voir première réponse plus haut


  1. A group of architects is running a contest among students in architecture. You are Emma/Phil Wilson, one of these students. Write a speech in which you give your ideal vision of the ideal city of the future and try to convince the architects to build it. (250 mots +-10%)


  • Il faut que tu donnes ta vision de la ville idéale, ce qui implique l’axillaire ‘would’.
  • Il faudra convaincre les architectes de construire cette ville
  • Tu dois utiliser le vocabulaire lié au thème de l’environnement
  • L’argumentation de ton discours doit être structurée et logique et donc faire appel à des mots de liaisons


  • I dream of an ideal city, a green city where the air would be clear, where there would be no pollution. Only electric cars would be allowed....
  • I beg you to consider helping us build this ideal city. You, as an architect, have the power to make things change....
  • Linking words...

Linking words for your written exam

When you have to write in English you need some linking words to create a structured argumentation.  Quand tu dois écrire en anglais, tu as besoin de mots de liaison pour créer une argumentation structurée.

Here are some of these words. Try to match them with their synonyms and their French translation. You will simply have to reorganise column 1 and column 2. You will find out the answers on our blog in a few days and we will give you more ideas to improve your exam.

Voici certains de ces mots. Essaie de les lier avec leur synonyme et leur traduction en français.  Tu devras simplement réorganiser les colonne 1 et colonne 2. Tu découvriras les réponses sur le blog dans quelques jours et nous te donnerons plus d’idées pour améliorer ton écrit.

Here are some sentences to give you some clues:
A. He hasn’t got the Internet at home. Moreover, he is scared of modern technologies.

  1. First of all, they read articles on the political regime in their country. Secondly, they wrote their opinion in a letter. Finally, they sent their ideas to the Minister.
  2. Our train was late. As a result, we missed our interview with the company director.
  3. They say they don’t understand the language but in actual fact, they speak French very well, I discovered!
  4. My place of work will save electricity. Equally, the company will take recycling more seriously.
  5. He knows his project is very difficult. He will nevertheless try his very best.
  6. They are developing new projects whereas their colleagues prefer to work in the old fashion way.


Here are the answers for you. I hope you understand how to use the words in your written work.

  Anglais Synonyme anglais Traduction française
A Moreover Furthermore De plus
B First of all To begin with Tout d’abord / pour commencer
C As a result Consequently En conséquence
D In actual fact Actually En réalité
E Equally Likewise De même
F Nevertheless However Cependant
G Whereas While Tandis que


Les possibilités de réponses sont évidemment multiples mais j’ai essayé ici de faire apparaître des notions clés qui pourraient être incluses dans ces sujets.

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